1. Name was given "Melisa" only. No double S nor L 😊
2. Melisa actually means a bee (as busy as a bee?) 🐝
3. The only princess among my siblings πŸ’
4.  In a "funny" relationship. On-off-on-off but hey! 3 yrs 3 months is really unexpected haha πŸ’‘ 
5. Currently studying in Smk Twu in Science stream class 😭
6. Really really not into Mathematics. Recently i've made an analysis of my results since kindegarden till now, the most unbearable subject for me is maths. Ughhh. 
7. I might look like innocent, but i enjoy listen to screamo and rock 🎸🎢 Still listen to Apology by Alesana eventhough it is so yesterday's storiess. Ohh and i love Arctic Monkeys  (Alex Turner is so handsome 😍)
8. Shakira is my inspiration. A 5'3' tall Columbian girl with 140 of IQ level ( Albert Einstein's is 180) so Shakira must be very very genius. She owns a private island, 4 houses , a very cute baby Milan (she currently on the second pregnancy) and handsome Gerard Pique 😁
9. I dislike my Physic's teacher so much! Uhh! (bkn mau jd kurang ajar but like seriously dude!) 😀
10. I love to eat! Eat eat eat and eat! My favourite is squid! πŸ™ unfortunately, stiap kali makan sotong msti allergic tp mau makan juga 
11. I have a group of friends called 'Dmalaz'. But since the D went to boarding school and have misunderstanding with one of the member, so yeah, mcm xberkenal sudah. So sad πŸ˜ͺ 
12. Still confuse about my ambition. Since i was a kid, i really want to be a surgeon. But then, when i became a teenager, i want to be an engineer too! So i have two ambition now. and my plan is i will focus my study more to become an engineer, tapi kalau takda rezeki, i will make a U-turn and be a surgeon. Is that a good thing? Or i am making a crazy plan? Who cares! Haha πŸ˜‹
13. I am novel addict. Currently i have 48 novels. But now i am really busy with school and homeworks so i've not read them for half year 😭
14. I am a secretary for the school's prefect. And i have no experience on being a secretary, but i will try my best. For this 2 month i've been chosen to be a secretary, a 'wow' for me because to many work need to be done and what i hate the most is that i really done have time to do the work, so i didnt went to class for a whole day! But its really enjoying though eventhough so many work. πŸ™†
15. My favourite activity is camping. Omg i would never let a year passed without camping. I really like camping because we will have much time to be with our friends and being stress-free for a while. ⛺️
16. I usually listen to music before going to bed and then i will dream about the song. Hehehe 😴🎢🎢
17. I love fashion, but i dont wear it much. I just love seeing people's ootd. I'm a kind of person who wears t-shirt, black pants and flipflop. πŸŽ½πŸ‘–πŸ‘£
18. I love the colour of blue. πŸ’ŽπŸ’™πŸ’§
19. When i had passed my spm with flying colours, i want to go to asasi sains first and then go to London for degree πŸŒ‰✈️
20. Im an Iphone user. And im currently typing this post using my phone and i put some emojis there maybe they wont appear on pc nvm then hahaha πŸ“±

Thank you for reading this. Its such an honor for me. Love you though xoxo. Keep in touch. Sorry for the bad grammar. Trying my best here hahaha ✌️

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