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last entry was on 13 Septermber 2014. Wow. I was very very very busy though in 2015, haha. so imma tell you all what going on in 2015.

I was a Form 5 students okay in 2015. #spm2015
My days during those years were pretty hectic. 6.30am till 12.15pm (or 2pm on Tuesday), and then went home to clean myself and eat. After that around 2pm I have Physics tuition at Sri Fajar every Monday and Thursday (so no time to sleep mmmm). Went home around 5.30pm, clean myself again, eat, and then went to night tuition at Pusat Tuisyen BSM for other subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Math, and another tuition place at my teacher's home for AddMath. After tuition, went home around 10pm, do homework, prepare for tomorrow and then zzzzzz. Really really sucks.

During SPM, i was very very thankful and blessed because my health during that month was superb! even i was extremely tired, but i didn't fell sick or slept during the exam. but during my SPM, my family went to my brother's convocation for about a week, and i was going to sit for AddMath, Chemistry, Physics and Biology papers!! i was really lonely that time because it was just me and my grandparents at home. my uncle will pick me up at home to go to school, tuition or study groups. i kept myself busy, i went to my friend's house or the tuition centre to study because i can't study at home without the noises i always occupied with. the exam was..... pffffft!! the hardest ever!! they change the format without informing the students. but i still did my best. the best i ever had to do during my Form 4 and Form 5 years.

For my SPM result, well not so good. not like what i wanted, but its still pretty high then the other results i had. yeah i'm still blessed. i hope i get a chance to go for further studies :D 

well okay for now. extremely tired qwertyuiopasdfghjk!!! its five in the morning!
OMG! i have a plan tomorrow, i was invited by my friends to watch a new movie. but i'm sooooo lazy. chauuu

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